Sears to stay in business after Eddie Lampert’s hedge fund wins bankruptcy auction

An empty shopping cart sits outside a Sears store in the Streets of Southglenn mall in Littleton, Colo.David Zalubowski/AP Photo file Eddie Lampert, the dogged billionaire who’s hitched his career and reputation to a fading American retail icon, will get another chance at reviving Sears Holdings Corp. In an agreement reached in the wee hours



Investors, avoid these assumptions if you want to understand the market

Think you can ignore your "safe" stocks? California utility PG&E Corp. was considered a "safe" blue-chip stock. Now look at it.David Paul Morris/Bloomberg Recently, we had a conversation with a client, along the lines of “something must be wrong with XYZ stock, since it keeps going down.” Certainly, seeing a stock that you own decline

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